Hey, let’s get serious.
This is a humour site.


First, let’s kill all the lawyer jokes

Shakespeare did not quite word it this way, but enough about Shakespeare. I’m a retired lawyer who is also a humourist. This combination has lead to me to be accused of being an oxymoron.  

Over the years I have written numerous articles and published two books. One is entitled Birth, Death and Other Trivialities:  A Humorous Philosophical Look at the Human Condition.  The second and most recent is Poutine on the Orient Express: An Irreverent Look at Travel, which I'm unapologetically promoting here.

So, what the heck is this website for? One, hopefully there are parts that will make you laugh. Two, maybe you'll buy one or both of my books. Bless you. Three, you might ask me to come out and speak at your event.

Like comedian Henny Youngman once said, “Live your life like a fried egg- sunny side up!”

What am I good for?

Poutine on the Orient Express: An Irreverent Look at Travel

Guaranteed not to get your curds in your whey.

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Hire Marcel to speak at your next event

Marcel will both inform and entertain you, at a much lesser cost than a lawyer (fine print disclaimer to follow somewhere)


(Disclaimer: Picture only an approximation of Marcel at a recent event.)

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Marcel in the News

Law and humour go together for Strigberger

Comedy came early into the life of legal humourist Marcel Strigberger. “It was probably around Grade 2 after I came in late from a medical appointment,”

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Here’s a small sample of some of the classical pieces that appeared in The Globe and Mail and other fine publications resulting in a wave of uncontrollable hilarity:

  •  Cash Me If You Can- All about the joys of trying to break a $100 bill at a bank that has neither tellers nor cash.

  • A Mouse, A Trap and Me- A discussion about mediating with your wife and daughter as to how to get rid of a mouse, humanely and to their complete satisfaction.


The latest
from my blogs:

    Where are the manatees? I don’t see them.

    I like animals and so when I travel I jump at the opportunity to visit animals indigenous to the area. However for some reason I never get to see them.

    For example, while in Florida recently I heard there were manatees, those...

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What they say. Yes, really. I'm not joking here. They said this.

“Your speech was amusing, highly entertaining and at times thought-provoking. We especially appreciated that you tailored your material so that it was appropriate and interesting to [an] audience of judges and their spouses.”

Justice Russell Juriansz,
Court of Appeal for Ontario

©  2018  Marcel Strigberger. All rights reserved.

©  2018  Marcel Strigberger. All rights reserved.

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