This is a July 1st Canada Day weekend. And July 4 follows in the U.S. This means fireworks events, drawing crowds by the thousands.

     I have thought about the subject at length and I have culled the common characteristics of all fireworks displays. These are my observations.


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     You need not be a beekeeper to read this.

     The other day I was checking out a travel book on Amazon when a large notice hit me in the face. It read something like, “You may also be interested in Beekeeping for Dummies.

     What gave Amazon that...

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     The Miss America Organization announced that its participants will no longer be required to appear in the swimsuit event, nor will the ladies be required to wear evening gowns. In short the judges will not be adjudicating on physical appearance.

     This certainly is a move in the right...

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     We just saw the U.S. Starbucks close down its outlets for several hours to allow for sensitivity training of staff following an event at a Philadelphia branch where an associate racially discriminated against two black men, refusing to let them use the washroom without making a purchase, and then...

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