It looks like the Ontario government will be in charge of selling legalized marijuana. Legal weed will be sold just like liquor in special LCBO shops . The result will now be that just like gambling and booze, the government will have a monopoly and consequent golden goose...

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The Judicial Council has come out with the ruling suspending Justice Zabel for 30 days for briefly wearing a Trump “Make America Great” hat in court the day after the U.S. election.

The council convened as a result of 81 complaints being filed about the incident. The judge...

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George Beckwith of Goodman Missouri, got a surprising phone call recently from a lawyer, informing him that he soon would be an owner of a 19th-century courthouse in Connecticut.

Seems back in the early 1800s his family owned the property and the deal was that if the structure ever stopped...

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